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Raised in Newcastle on the New South Wales north coast, Joe Mennie played junior cricket with and against Phillip Hughes of MacksvilleI spent a bit of time between Coffs Harbour and Newcastle so I played a bit with him and a bit against him. Marc Staal Rangers Jersey . Playing against him wasnt fun, he always managed to rattle off a ton, then he came across to South Australia and I spent a couple of years there with him.He was a batsman before he evolved into a bowler, and still takes pride in his skill with the batWhen I was younger I was more of a batsman and probably developed a bit later than most blokes. About 18 or 19 I got a bit taller, a bit bigger and the ball started coming out a bit quicker and I thought of myself as more of a bowler as my batting skills started to fall away a bit. I do work hard on it, we all have to bat, thats the way it is, not everyone gets to bowl but we all get to bat. I want to help out as much as possible, lower-order runs are always handy whether for South Australia or Australia, it is always going to help the team.He was a member of the NSW state squad before being cut and moving to South AustraliaI was lucky I had offers from Tasmania and South Australia at that stage so it wasnt really too bad, blunted the blow a bit, I made the move to SA and happy I did, havent looked back. It was tough for me to pack up my stuff and move to a state where I didnt know anyone as well, but looking back it has helped me. They [NSW] were happy with how I am going but they saw people ahead of me. Heading to SA I wanted to put my best foot forward, so I probably did work a bit harder and did things a bit differently, I didnt have the support base or comfort zone so it was up to me. His early hero was Brett Lee before he realised he was not cut out to bowl that fastBrett Lee was always one [of the guys I looked up to], unfortunately I never hit that pace but I could always dream and as a youngster when a Test summer came around running in and watching him bowl quick was great. Recognising I am not going to bowl express pace and rattle a batsman at my pace I need to be accurate and hit an area consistently or I wouldnt get far. I generally havent been a [swing] bowler per se, it is more just hit the seam and get a bit of movement off the deck, older ball reverse swing has probably been my thing, but with the new ball hit the seam.Alongside Chadd Sayers, Daniel Worrall and Kane Richardson, Mennie has been part of a strong SA attackWe had a good season last year, we get around each other and are great mates on and off the field, that helps. Some days you have a bad day and you have the lads there who can get you back up. We talk about bowling partnerships, if the other bloke is doing well, you just want to dry it up at the other end and help him out as much as you can.He learned about the step up from first-class to international cricket on the recent ODI tour to South AfricaI always knew it was going to be tough, it was a tough induction. I take out of it that your good balls are still going to go, you can bowl what you bowl but your good balls are going to go for four or six. They are good quality batsman on good pitches, I knew it was going to be tough but not as tough as my induction was. Ron Duguay Rangers Jersey . Takahashi, who had a 10-point lead after the short program, received 268.31 points after the free skate to finish 15 points ahead of second-place Nobunari Oda. Wayne Gretzky Rangers Jersey Authentic . - Levi Browns tenure at left tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers is over before it even began. http:///...rangers-jersey-c-35/ . However, he did make them miss him a little less. Cundiff, who had the unenviable job of replacing Dawson last season, agreed Thursday to a one-year, $1. After defeating Indiana on Saturday, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have already matched their win total from last season and are off to their best start (6-0) since 2001 when they won their first 11 games and lost in the BCS Championship Game against Miami.Mike Riley deserves credit for the Huskers turnaround, but maybe there is a secret to their success that is rooted in data and statistical analysis.?Nebraska is the only Division I college athletic program that employs a sport analytics department spanning all sports. Headed by Tucker Zeleny, Nebraskas full-time director of sports analytics and data analysis hired in 2015, the department is in charge of working with Nebraskas 24 varsity sports teams to collect, analyze and summarize data for the coaches and staffs.In the simplest terms, Zeleny and his team look at anything and everything that can help Nebraska win games including scouting, recruiting, health and nutrition, player exertion, injury prevention and more.A native of Carleton, Nebraska, Zeleny grew up loving Nebraska sports. He earned his doctorate in statistics from the university in 2015 and convinced the Nebraska brass that sports analytics can make an impact in college athletics.Zeleny understands that his role is not to replace coaches and scouts; rather, he can provide them data to inform their decisions.Maybe its something new or something they suspected and we can reinforce that idea. Zeleny said.One example of a study the analytics department recently completed is an analysis of what wins football games. Looking back at the past five seasons, they determined what makes a successful team (beyond scoring more points than its opponents) and provided the coaching staff with benchmarks relating to turnovers, penalties, third downs, yards per point differential and more.Beyond looking at conference and national trends, the analytics team also dives deeper into scouting, situational decision-making and player exertion than ever before.We doo player tracking with Catapult [a GPS tracker] and that is mostly done from a health perspective, Zeleny said. Glenn Anderson Rangers Jersey Authentic. . Coaches get that data and monitor the player loads. We dive deeper in the analytics department to do more predictive injury risks.Additionally, the team provides coaches with information on opponent tendencies, formations and personnel to help with scouting, and have looked at specific situations (such as fourth downs) to supplement coaches in-game strategy.Maybe this type of data analysis impacts only a few plays or players per game, but if any team understands how much one or two plays can impact the entire season, its the Nebraska football team, which lost four games on the final play in 2015.Zeleny notes that the Nebraskas coaching staff has been receptive to this added data, but the key is to present their findings in a way that coaches can relate to.We know that if we go in there guns blazing and act like you have all the answers with someone who has worked there for years, you arent going to have a lot of success, Zeleny noted. Coaches are coaches for a reason, so we try to help them as much as possible and supplement them rather than replace them.Over the years, sports analytics has gotten a bad rap from some purists; skeptics fear that the nerd behind the computer will take over their time-honored game, but the main goal for groups such as the one at Nebraska is to simply provide one more tool for coaches and staffs to make decisions.The sports analytics revolution?has already begun in college football, and as teams and coaches continue to recognize the value it can provide, it will only continue to grow.While Nebraskas 6-0 start should not be unduly credited to the schools year-old sports analytics department, it certainly doesnt hurt to have extra data that can provide the slightest edge. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '